Eva Amurri for Maxim of the Day

Maxim continues their irrelevance and bottom feeding by booking Eva Amurri for a photoshoot. She’s Susan Sarandon’s daughter with fat tits who used to be on Naked on Californication …because getting girls who are actually working is clearly not party of Maxim’s business model as they just can’t afford it. The good news is she’s got huge fucking tits and everyone loves huge fucking tits…especially that are willing to get naked to break free from their famous mom and come up as their own talent…talent as long as the tits are exposed….cuz her face isn’t that great… Now it’s just a waiting game for Maxim to ask me to remove the pics…cuz they will as they don’t appreciate free press. Follow Me

9ade024ac1axim 2.jpg 402x360 Eva Amurri for Maxim of the Day

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Eva Amurri for Maxim of the Day

pixel Eva Amurri for Maxim of the Day

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