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Emma Watson panty flash

Any ideas where Emma Watson is running from? No idea but the good part is you can see her panties in this paparazzi panty flash Continue reading

Brandi Glanville upskirt

Brandi Glanville and Dana Wilkey are two very naughty Beverly Hills Housewives and here they are showing off their panties for the paparazzi Continue reading

Elvira wedding nude

Elvira is a really sexy brunette model and here she is showing off herself nude posing for the camera Continue reading

Amanda Seyfried upskirt

Amanda is thinking that she will bend down to pet the dog and the paparazzi is thinking she is giving a nice view of her panties Continue reading

More Whitney Port Bikini Pics of the Day

I posted some pics of this trash in a bikini yesterday, I am not even gonna bother digging through my posts to find her dumpy ass and camel toe. She’s just not worth it….cuz she’s a worthless cunt… I don’t care how many bikinis Whitney Port puts on, or how subtle her implants are, I had her face, she’s got an unattractive body, except maybe for her skinny legs, and her face is just irritating to look at…There’s a reason she’s not going to maintain a career in entertainment…and that’s cuz she’s fucking garbage…but as long as the paparazzi take pics of her, I’ve got no choice to post them, cuz it’s a weakness and I just can’t help myself….no matter how insignificant or annoying the bitch is and no matter how much I don’t want to link their obvious cry for attention…that if ignored will lead to sex tapes…but instead I help give that little itch to be noticed the scratch they need to hold off on that sex tape one more time…see cuz Fame is addictive and these bitches had a taste of it and no matter what they say or how they try to go legit…they need it, crave it and dream about their peak and trying to get back at it…so this attempt is weak….but it is half naked…so here are some pics of Whitney Port who should be Whitney Porn in her bikini…. To See The Rest of the Pics FOLLOW THIS LINK

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More Whitney Port Bikini Pics of the Day

Hot Pussy at the Friends with Benefits Premiere of the Day

I am pretty sure this movie came out a few months ago, but was called No Strings Attached, and instead of starring Mila Kunis, some of the hottest pussy in Hollywood spread in her panties the entire thing talking about getting fucked without emotional attachment or responsiblity, like she’s some kind of whore who can’t afford a dildo and likes cock too much, that is clearly written by an aspirational thinking dude, cuz women only like sex with strings attached, and only do the friends with benefit thing to lead to strings attached, and the meaningless sex they do have is in efforts to piss off the guy they had meaningful sex with who left them and destroyed their self esteem, but they mask as their “whore stage” when really it’s their “sad trying to fill a void in my worthless low self esteem or respect life”….but maybe I’m reading into shit too much…. I wasn’t invited to the premiere cuz movie companies don’t respect me. But this hot pussy was and luckily I can masturbate to the pictures in anger…. Irina Shayk cuz immigrant model pussy who sex traded herself to this level is usually pretty primo immigrant model pussy….cuz the shitty whores get left in the ditch or thrown off yachts at rich mafia bachelor parties…. Emanuelle Chriqui who is from Canada and who I’ve probably bought discount clothing from her family memebers…cuz those Morrocans come in numbers and love selling designer shit at discount…. Mila Kunis too conservative considering she’s in her panties the whole with Justin Timberlake, who may very well also have a pussy… Emma Stone….the fake redhead who doesn’t actually have a firy vagina but who I pretend does cuz I like a little fear in my jerking off…

a34ec51673071811.jpg Hot Pussy at the Friends with Benefits Premiere of the Day

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Hot Pussy at the Friends with Benefits Premiere of the Day

Rachel Taylor see-through

Rachel is a gorgeous actress you might remember from Transformers but here she is wearing a see-through dress wear you can see her panties Continue reading

Lady Gaga fashion nip slip

Pop star celeb Lady Gaga was spotted flashing so hot pink nipple at a Fashion Awards after party Continue reading

Katie Price paparazzi upskirt

Katie or her alter ego Jordan shows off her panties in the car in this hot paparazzi upskirt action of her Continue reading

Belen Rodriguez supermodel ass

Supermodel celeb Belen Rodriguez was spotted at the beach flashing one of the best asses in the biz Continue reading