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Jessica-Jane Clement In Sexy Lingerie

I thought I already posted these pictures of Jessica-Jane Clement but turns out that they are relatively new. It’s hard to keep track because I’ve never seen this chick wear anything other than lingerie or a bikini. Not a bad thing of course. Just a little confusing. I know it’s a hard life that I have but someones got to do it.

A Boatload Of Playboy Hotties

Apparently there was a Playboy party this weekend that I wasn’t invited to. What the hell? Besides the actual pages of Playboy , I think I’m probably the only other place that posts any pictures of most of these busty hotties. The least they could do was get me an invite… And maybe brush there breasts up against my elbow as they walk by completely ignoring me in the grotto. We’re fighting. more pictures of Playboy chicks here

Sara Jean Underwood Is Catwoman

This Sara Jean Underwood chick really seems to enjoy dressing up as all kinds of nerd heroes. Here she is on her show wearing a cheap stripper Catwoman costume. I like it and all, but I prefer when she wears the outfits that have very little actual material. When’s she going to dress up as that naked blue chick from X-Men ? Send me pics please.

Sara Jean Underwood Sexy In Her Undies

It looks like this Sara Jean Underwood chick will do pretty much anything to get on my site, she must really like all the attention I give her. Here she is on stage somewhere in her sexy little bikini or bathing suit or whatever getting the crowd all worked up. I have no idea what she’s doing, but putting this girl in a bikini for any reason is a good idea…. I’ve lost my train of thought.

Jayde Nicole’s Tighly Wrapped Package

Here’s Playboy hottie Jayde Nicole wearing that hot dress that all the chicks wear when they want to show off they’re amazing bodies. I love it. It’s so tight I bet when it comes off it shrinks to about half the size, like a scuba suit. I wouldn’t mind seeing footage of Jayde struggling to squeeze it over her gorgeous body before she goes out. I bet it takes at least three playmates to get that thing on. Amaze!

Elizabeth Hurley Is A Sexy Klutz

Elizabeth Hurley normally manages to keep herself perfectly put together, never a hair out of place or nipple slipping out of her top, so it’s a little strange to see the super MILF almost taking a tumble down the stairs in her yellow sundress. Silly lady. I’m glad she’s alright, but a part of me would have liked to have seen her go head over heels. Actually, heels over head would be much hotter. Nice boobies!

Sara Jean Underwood’s Amazing Bikini Pics

I love Twitter , I get to find out all the crap everyone is doing every minute of the day, but I love how Sara Jean Underwood uses Twitter even more. Here are some pictures she posted of herself with some of her hot friends hanging out on a boat in their bikinis showing off their gorgeous bikini breasts. What more could you ask for? A duck face and her breasts squeezed together… Amazing.

Julianne Hough Works Her Sexy Body

Julianne Hough isn’t doing anything all that exciting in these pictures, she never really seems to be doing anything all that exciting, but she’s wearing a sexy little workout get up and I like watching girls get sweaty so I’m posting them. I like to go swimming right after the women’s swim team trains so that I can dive right into their sweat. Is that weird? Anyhow, Julianne’s a hottie and seems to be working pretty hard to keep it that way and I thank her. Enjoy.

Jayde Nicole Drops Some Dangerous Cleavage

I’m calling it a day folks, but not before I bring you a few shots of some nice Playboy cleavage. Here’s Jayde Nicole showing off her lovely lady lumps in a tight dress. She could suffocate and average size blogger with those things. I can think of a few worse ways to go. How come nobody’s made breasts like throw pillows? I’d be very happy taking a nap on my couch with my face nestled into these kind of things.

Jayde Nicole In Her Sexy Jumpsuit

I absolutely love Playboy chicks, they don’t mind wearing the smallest of outfits when they head out on the town. Here’s Jayde Nicole in some sort of little short short jumpsuit or something, whatever it is, it looks pretty awesome on her. I guess when she has to go to the bathroom that thing is coming completely off. The thought of her naked in a restaurant bathroom is gross and kind of hot at the same time.